Local Business Program

Local businesses are the oxygen of a city

Born here 23 years ago, we want to give back to the community & see our favourite neighborhoods grow with us.

We love seeing local businesses flourish because they have such a positive impact on the community around them.

This is why at SHIFT we strive to help these local businesses expand and thus remain active for as long as they can.

All you have to do is reach out to us. We’ll sit down, have coffee, teach you a thing or two about online marketing and see how you could implement it for your business. Our goal is to make you more profitable and grow locally. So even if we don’t end up working together, you’ll have plenty of tools to do it yourself afterwards.


1. We’ll Meet You In Person

We always want to know our customers, what their local business looks and feels like. We want to know what their goals are, what is important to them and, most importantly, how we can help them achieve their big goals.

2. We Give You A Plan Of Action To Achieve Your Goal

We lay out best practices on a neat document that you can keep and refer to when applying your newly acquired online marketing skills. We’re not trying to close you on a deal. If you want to work with us, we’ll be delighted. But if not, we’re all about creating relationships, and if giving a bit of our time can help you reach your goals, we did our job right.

3. We Create Win-Win Situations

The beauty of online marketing is that nothing is set in stone in terms of how things have to be done. There’s multiple ways in which a business can gain visibility, and we leverage every possible way. Being connected to a ton of local businesses, we aim to create strategic online partnerships between each of our clients so that one makes the other grow.