Growth Marketing Agency

We Help Companies Increase Revenue Through Customized Advertising

You know growth marketing would boost your sales. BUT…

You’ve got too much on your plate already. Your team is at its limit. There’s just no possible way to find new ways to grow your company while doing that.

You also know that testing growth marketing strategies that don’t end up working could kill your business because of the time & money you invested.

Shift Agency’s Growth Marketing Methodology helps solve the profitable growth problem for companies like yours.


Continuous Testing & Optimizing of Growth Marketing Methods 

Growth marketing is about leveraging all the advertising tools we have available and creating new ways to make them work together in symbiose. It’s about finding what each of your customers want to see and showing it to them in the order that converts best. You can see it as embarking the potential customer on a journey where he will continually be seeing new advertising that’s always of interest to him.

Long gone are the days where you could just plug-and-play a Facebook Ad and make money from it. The new way of doing marketing is to leverage all the tools and having a customer-centric approach.

Growth Marketing Research Blueprint (To know exactly what your customers want & how)

Research is always the first step of SHIFT Agency’s process. We strive to understand your customers individually in order to develop strategies that will show them what they want, when they want. It’s ideal if you are already testing marketing strategies, but not seeing the results you want.

We work with our team to give you both qualitative and quantitative data in order to show you the full picture of what you should and shouldn’t focus on in order to convert your customers.

You’ll walk away with a proven way to grow your company fast.

Marketing Strategy Insurance (To not waste marketing budget)

We’ve seen it too many times. You have a new marketing plan and thousands of dollars later, you realize you went in the wrong direction and wasted all the budget you had. It can be devastating.

This is why we offer to work with you on your marketing strategy through consulting in order to ensure that your strategy will remain customer centric and prove to increase your revenue over time. In other words, to make sure you are on the right track.


1. Real Growth. 🔥 We don’t just focus on making you profits. Everything we do is for your company to have better results for the long run. Not only to grow fast now, but to remain sustainable.

2. Turnkey service. 🌴 We know your team is busy. That’s why we provide our own expert Strategists, Designers, Developers, QA Engineers, and Data Scientists. We’re not trying to add to your workload.

3. We understand collaboration. 🌐 We’re not trying to take a part of your business, hide somewhere and come back with our work. We understand that your company has a lot of important inputs that could help us deliver better results for your company.

4. Fixed Fee. 🌵 We don’t charge more if we deliver more results and if a surprise fee arises, we take care of it for you.

5. No Persona. 👀 We don’t use persona’s, we know every customer we have is unique and should be treated accordingly.

6. One account manager. 💁‍♂️ The person you spoke to when becoming our client is the one that will be assigned to you. We know working with someone you like is as important as delivering results.

7. Month-to-Month Contracts. 💫 We want to win your business every month by delivering great results, not by locking you in.

8. We respect your brand. ❄️ We know building a brand requires being careful with your image and reputation. We make sure everything we do aligns with that.

9. Anytime you want to grab a drink, we’ll be there. 🍻We believe in being human and enjoying life too. Anytime you want to chat, don’t hesitate.